Special Events: Each month, we plan a special event for the children.
August: Meet the Teacher: This is an opportunity for parents and children to visit with your child’s teacher before the first day of school. September: Pizza Party As a school, we enjoy pizza with all of our parents during lunch.  This is a great opportunity to visit with your child’s teacher and to meet your children’s friends and their parents.   October: Fire Truck Visit and Pumpkin Party During October we have 2 special events.  The first is a fire truck visit from the local fire station.  Our second October event is our pumpkin party where we setup various game and activity stations and allow the children to rotate as a class among them. November :Thanksgiving Feast All classes celebrate Thanksgiving lunch together Native American style.    December:Christmas Party This is an opportunity for the children to perform a small program for their parents   January: Pajama Party As one of our teachers’ favorite days, we all come to school in pajamas for a day of special fun activities.   February: Valentine’s Party At our annual Valentine’s party, students exchange valentines and have a small party in their classroom.   March or April: Easter Egg Hunt Our annual Easter egg hunt is always the last school day before Easter.  As part of this event, the children make an Easter basket, and then are allowed to find 6 hidden eggs.  The eggs usually contain fruit snacks, chocolate eggs or other age appropriate candies.   April: Fun in the Sun Day This is a day of special outdoor activities for the children, similar to our pumpkin party, where the children rotate among different stations.     May:  Graduation While this is a special day for all of the children, the focus is on th pre-k students who will be leaving us for Kindergarten.  We start the program with each class performing songs for parents and end with a small graduation program where the pre-k students receive their diploma.  An end-of-year reception is held following our graduation program. 
Reminder:  When Round Rock ISD is closed due to inclement weather, Cornerstone MDO is also closed.