Children are placed into a class based upon their age as of September 1st of the current school year.  They remain in the same class until the following school year.  Our student/teacher ratio for our youngest class is 5:1 with a maximum of 10 students.  All other classes have a 6:1 student/teacher ratio with a 12 student maximum.
Frogs (4 year olds)                                   Mrs. Andrea      Mrs. Christina         
Ladybugs (18-24 months) Mrs. Claire      Mrs. Kisha              
Turtles (2 year olds) Mrs. Tabatha      Mrs. Whitney
Reminder:  When Round Rock ISD is closed due to inclement weather, Cornerstone MDO is also closed.
Assistant Director        Office Mrs. Shaney                          Mrs. Jacque
Owner & Director Mrs. Janet
Busy Bees (3 year olds) Mrs. Susie           Mrs. Meena         Mrs. Nasreen
Owls (4 year olds)                  Music/Float Teacher Mrs. Norma        Mrs. Bonnie                  Mrs. Jennifer
Ducks (2 year olds) Mrs. Neeta         Mrs. Patricia     
Monkeys (3 year olds) Mrs. Heather      Mrs. Oxana
Bears (4 year olds/TTh) Mrs. Jennifer    Mrs. Staci
Bears (3 year olds/MWF) Mrs. Julie          Mrs. Stephanie